the 10 pens

I bought 10 pens today at the poundshop. Yap, they had just cost 1£! And I wondered if they are useful for anything or just crap. So I planned to draw as many illustrations as possible (I thought of one a day, but I know myself: I’m probably too lazy..) from now until they get broken or empty. The pictures will be online so you can see the process of the 10 pens’ life.


One Response to the 10 pens

  1. Smelly Mick says:

    Also thinking about your last post where one of them got damaged, you should make this an iron man challenge. Draw with them until you cant get any tiny bit of color out of the very LAST of them. 🙂
    Shouldn’t take too long, considering that they’re from the pound shop 🙂

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