№ 8 Moving meens Going Ahead

the world is a stage

the world is a stage

While I’m trying to pack my stuff for moving to Glaschu (finally!) I find little treasures all over my flat. This drawing is one of them. I did it some time ago with the ten pens just before I got my new camera so it didn’t find it’s way on this page yet. The chaos on the left side is my wardrobe btw. I can’t manage to throw away private stuff so it’s really hard for me to get on with this liquidation of my flat in Cologne. I have to hurry because my flight goes on the 29th of this month as I know since I booked it today. Well.. If you need any clothing, books, games or other loved stuff, just write or call me 😀

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One Response to № 8 Moving meens Going Ahead

  1. Micha says:

    “All the world’s a stage” would be the proper quote. 🙂 *smartass*

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